My Top 10 Newborn Must Haves

Okay, so I’m not one who thrives in clutter and let me tell you.. baby stuff adds up quickly! 

Since you definitely do not want more than you need just hanging around, I’ve compiled a list of 10 things we absolutely used and still use from the moment we brought home our baby. 

*And to keep the list from being 20 pages long, Im not adding the more obvious items that you will need,(i.e. Crib, Bassinet, Changing Table/pad, etc)*

NOTE: This post contains amazon affiliate links for some of the items listed.

Electric Baby Nail File

This bad boy really takes the fear factor out of trimming your babies nails. I had one experience with nail clippers that landed both, my baby and I in tears. Nobody wants that. Do yourself a favor and splurge for this gem! Yes, you could use a regular nail file; but as your baby gets more mobile it becomes much harder to keep them in one spot long enough to get to all ten fingers. This device comes with multiple attachments that are gentle on your little babies fingers, along with a light to get those sharp edges.

Nose Freda

This one could definitely be considered more of a splurge. But this is how I justify it; the other little bulb syringe you may have, costs roughly five dollars will have to be replaced. Unless you get the kind that has two pieces and can be taken apart to clean. In which case, it’s the same price as this SnotSucker. The SnotSucker is great because it fits right up to the baby’s nose without worrying you will go too far, and allows you to successfully excavate their nasal canal.

We used ours more for spit up than boogies, which is great when your baby has reflux issues and you’re not sure where the spit up is going to come from. This little sucking device was able to fully get all the mucus and milk out of our babies nose!

Diaper Pail

So this is an interesting one for me. We used a grocery bag for many months until I decided to get a diaper genie. I hadn’t done much research on it before I bought it, but later discovered that the $80 option and the $30 options had very similar, good and bad reviews. What I discovered was that no matter what, there’s going to be a pop of smell when you open the pail. At the end of the day, the pail you get should be personal preference. We went with the diaper genie out of desperation; and took it at face value. It gets the job done. I have my eye on another diaper pail I’d like to use for my baby’s room. Review for that one will be made later on. 

Baby Bath Insert

We used the Puj, as it was lended to us by my sister. We unknowingly used this in the kitchen sink, which made things a bit difficult. If you buy this, I recommend using in the bathroom sink instead.

Upon further research I discovered the Angel Care Baby Bath Support, which I will be purchasing for baby number 2! This product has great reviews and looks like it would fit in a farm sink, but best used in the tub. Great affordable option as well!

Boppy Nursing Pillow

We went with this pillow for its multi-use design. Not only is this pillow great for nursing, it is great for sitting your baby up and practicing tummy time. Our baby suffered from a bit of reflux early on, so laying flat on her stomach was less than ideal. The design of this pillow allowed her to sit up on her knees or lay on her stomach at an angle. We loved the plain option to allow for interchanging the covers with different patterns like the one below!

Splurge Alert!!

The DockATot + Accessories

This is one of my favorite purchases despite the price tag. We have gotten so much use out of our DockATot, it has since paid itself off via our sanity. This pillowy bed was great for nap time next to me on the couch or on the go when visiting family members. The dangling toy add ons are great for when you need to put your baby down but still have them be entertained. Yes this is a more costly item and yes there are many other options out there that do a similar job, BUT this is what we chose and are extremely happy we did!

Baby Swing

Now, we did not have one of these from day one and I wish we did. It wasn’t until about a month in that we got one, thanks to my mom!! Frankly, I was overwhelmed by all the options out there and a bit nervous to purchase one due to stories about accidents happening in them. Thankfully my mom did some research and found us a great option that is realistic and pretty comparable to others as far as cost and functionality goes. This swing has a detachable seat so you can bring it around the house, and has multiple settings that mimic the way you would sway and rock your baby. Having a swing was a game changer and finally gave our arms a break! 

Pack And Play With Changing Table Attachment

We love this item because our baby room is on our second level and we spend a large amount of time on our lower level. It made sense to us to have a place for our baby girl to nap on our main level as well as have a place to change her without having to trek upstairs. When you’re in recovery mode, short distances will be your best friend! I love this option most because it came with a detachable bassinet that my S/O could bring down to the basement where his office is, and be on baby duty while I took some me time.

Black And White Book


 This is a great source of entertainment for your baby and great for bonding with them too! In the first stages of life, your baby only sees in black and white, so books like these really pop and intrigue your little one when you hold it close to their face.

These are quite the sanity saver for middle of the night diaper changes! When you’ve got one eye open, trying not to wake your partner, un-swaddling your baby, prepping the fresh diaper, all while your baby is crying; I promise you, you’ll want easy access to that dirty diaper! Nightgowns were essential for me because this is my first baby; and handling a newborn is like handling precious china. So being able to just slide the nighty up above her diaper, instead of half way undressing her, was so much easier in the middle of the night.

Big Fan Of The Hanna Andersson Brand. More a splurge item depending what you pick, but well worth the money for the quality and feeling of the fabric.

Hanna Anderson Nightgown

This list hardly scrapes the ice burg of what you’ll need for your little bundle of joy; but these were absolute must haves in our household. And in my opinion these products make the rough edges of parenthood, a little bit smoother.

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