My Top Teether’s For Babies And Toddlers

Finding your baby their favorite teether can be as difficult as finding them the perfect bottle nipple, pacifier and sippy cup. Just like us, our babies have preferences and quickly find something they like or dislike about a product we give them. Teether’s are no different and I have definitely spent an unfavorable amount of money trying to find something to soothe my teething baby.

In this post I will share all of the teething products we’ve tried and where to find them! (Most are found on Amazon, because we all know Prime is where it’s at when your baby needs something, yesterday!!)

**This post includes affiliate links to the products listed.**

First up is my favorite and I think Most Babies’ favorite too:

Sofie La GiraffeSophie Comes in at number one for a few reasons. Not only is she the cutest little thing, this company has not only created one teether toy for all babies, they’ve created a character. We have this one and love that our baby can be biting on her Sophie while we read her the book with Sophie the character and her friends. This product is also 100% natural rubber, so you don’t have to worry about your baby putting chemicals in their mouth.

Next up is another favorite because of how versatile it is. 

Dr. Browns Fresh First Silicone Feeder This is great for a few reasons, you can introduce new flavors to your baby and also double it up as a teether. It’s great to put fruit like Raspberries, Avocado and my little ones favorite, Bananas. If those gums are looking extra swollen, this teether is great for adding purees and then freezing them. This will keep your baby occupied for some time and hopefully let them forget about their sore little gums!

This next one definitely had to make the top three!

Little BamberAmber Teething Toy – Not only is this little giraffe the cutest little thing, but it’s made of natural, sustainably harvested rubber and amber. Baltic amber has been shown to have many health benefits across Europe and Asia for centuries, so this is a go to if you’re looking for an all around holistic approach to a teething toy. 

While we are talking about Baltic Amber, I’ll share this next option that is NOT a teething toy but DOES help with those sore gums!

Certified Authentic Baltic Amber Necklace As I mentioned before, Baltic Amber has been used for centuries for many health benefits. What I love so much about the Amber Necklace, is that once secured around your baby’s neck, wrist or ankle; the heat from their body warms up the oils in the amber and has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect for your baby.

**Note- Always discuss your child’s health and safety with their doctor and do your own research to be fully educated on the products you use with your baby. It is not recommended for your baby to wear this necklace while sleeping, and should only be worn under appropriate adult supervision.*** 

Next up is a super cute option that is also functional!

Itzy Ritzy Water-Filled Teether These little water filled silicone cacti are super cute and great to keep in the refrigerator for when your baby has super sore and swollen gums. Be careful with these though, as I did put one in the dishwasher and it busted open! But hand washing in warm soapy water is perfect for cleaning them. 

My bonus recommendation is an essential oil that has great health benefits but again should be consulted with your baby’s doctor before use. We use the doTERRA Copaiba oil on our daughters gums a few times a day and within minutes of rubbing it on her gums, the fussiness subsides. Be prepared to spend some money on it, but totally worth it for the relief it brings to our baby. 

And remember there are plenty of other awesome teething options out there that are great but these are the ones we’ve tried and loved! 

I hope this list finds you and your teething babe well and can bring some relief to the whole house!


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