About Me

Mama • Coach • Creator • Blogger

I am a coach, a creator, a wine and latte lover, but most recently a mama! I became a fitness coach back in 2017 specializing in Strength Training, Circuit Training and Pre/Post Natal Training. I find so much passion in helping others discover and achieve their goals, especially in fitness and in health. In addition to coaching, my interests in creating fun and creative content has grown immensely. I enjoy finding new products that I love, whether they are unique or basic and sharing how I feel about them. Cue BLOG! In addition to content creation, my first love in the creative space is baking and cooking. I love discovering new recipes and putting my own healthy twist on them or completely coming up with my own. 

Since becoming a mom, my work looks a bit different these days. My content has a lot of baby faces in it, or is talking about baby products, and my kitchen has become my lab for Baby Led Weening recipes. My workouts are a lot of mommy and me, and my clients are moms and moms to be.

In a nut shell, I have found myself surrounded by all things mommy and me; and wanted to create a space to share my discoveries, ideas and special moments. Motherhood can have its fair share of complications, so what I share with you here, will be simplified and straight forward.  My vision for this blog is to cover a bit of all my talents and maybe a little more! I look forward to building this community of mamas and mamas to be, and sharing our mom life together! 

Things to look forward to:

  • Easy Healthy Recipes
  • Do Anywhere Workouts
  • Healthy Routines
  • Amazon Products
  • $plurge Products